Welcome to the Jersey Shore

So here we are, the unofficial start of summer! Memorial Day! Who even came up with that? How is it the unofficial start? I don’t know about you but as of Friday May 25th 5:00 pm hundreds of people where clocking out and heading towards the Jersey Shore.

I can remember the first time I went there myself. It was the day after my senior prom. I thought it was so exciting. Being able to actually swim in the water was amazing. Trust me, that’s not a joke. I grew up In Staten Island and Gateway beach in Great Kills was (my) beach. The sand was brown and there was a big sign that said no swimming! We really just went there to see our friends and more or less hang out in the parking lot on the good ole’ asphalt listening to Donna Summer and france jolie.

The beaches at Seaside are clean and the board walk is amazing. The vendors are stocking the stuffed animals and firing up the sausage and peppers. Lets not forget  the addition of the jersey shore cast, people from all walks of life are visiting. You never know when there will be a snooki spotting!  Yes, its crazy busy, and all the BENNYS are down but I love it.  Music is blasting out of the cars. Everyone is happy. Flip flops have arrived and the smell of Hawaiian tropic is in the air. Yay, summer is here! Just walking into a wawa and hearing my native language (Staten Island-ease) just makes me smile.

I kept this weeks blog  short and sweet because I know that most of you probably are having a BBQ or will be attending a BBQ so I didn’t want to keep you. Be safe this weekend and remember if you have one too many a cab can be your best friend. I hope that if you get a chance you can come and see what all the hype is about. I know you wont be disappointed.  Enjoy and be safe!!!

Till next week!


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